Sunday, 5 April 2009

Dubai guide (1)

Hi! My sister came over to Dubai for her holidays, and I'll be a tourist guide for a next few days:-)So, I thought: why don't you join us! All welcome!

Today we spend a day browsing Spice and Textil souqs, visiting Dubai Museum and strolling through Bastakiya quarter.
Great smell and exotic spices you'll find in Spice Souq on Deira side of the Creek. Abra crossing is another attraction and costs only 1 Dhs!
Girls can get some beautiful henna tattoo while in Dubai Museum (one hand cost only 20 Dhs!)
Find some nice corners in Bastakyia, get some coffee, grab nice bite and relax! (Pictured: XVA Cafe - aubergine burger is highly recommended!)

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