Sunday, 13 September 2009

My metro ride

On Friday afternoon I went to Mall of the Emirates to board metro. It was just before 2pm, but crowd was already there waiting for doors to be opened. Finally, short after 2pm we were let in. Some people have already bought the tickets, and there was a little stirr in cashiers' area, because people didn't know where to go, which ticket to buy, and of course bunch of people were trying to avoid queue...After some queuing we bought our red tickets and went to the platform. Metro station is very nice inside, quality of the fit out is very good as well, but what's missing is a little screen saying when the next train will arrive. Anyway, our metro car was quite empty at the time of boarding so we could sit and look around without people "hanging" above you, but on our trip back we weren't that lucky...
...crowd was inside, crowd was outside waiting to get in. And some just gave up, because the metro cars were totaly full! Well, I think that in a short time the first curiosity will go away and then you can enjoy your quiet metro ride (at least on Fridays, I hope).
Our metro experience was positive and I hope that more and more people will favour this mean of transport. I also hope that next time I'm on the metro the staff will run more smoothly and efficiently. Anyway, go and try it yourself!

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